Zorba Cocktail Bar

an old fashioned
two people drinking cocktails
two shelfs of liquor bottles
a bartender pours a drink into a glass

Nestled between Hotel Arista and Che Figata, is Zorba: An upscale craft cocktail retreat and meeting spot featuring plush indoor seating. Its cozy patio is anchored by two mesmerizing fire pits to gather with a your favorite specialty coffee or cocktail. 

By day, Zorba is a breakfast spot perfect for early morning business or weekend indulgence.

2155 CityGate Lane, Naperville, IL 60563

Monday3 PM - 9 PM

Tuesday11 AM - 11PM

Wednesday11 AM - 11PM

Thursday6 AM - 11PM

Friday6 AM - 11PM

Saturday6 AM - 11PM

Sunday6 AM - 9 PM