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Naperville, Illinois
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  • Green Purchasing Policy at Hotel Arista, Illinois

Hotel Arista: Reference Environmentally and Socially Sensitive Purchasing Policy


WHEREAS, the Hotel Arista recognizes it will make every effort to minimize our operational impact by purchasing eco-friendly products, partnering with like-mined vendors and make sound eco-operation decisions while providing the highest level of service to our guest.
WHEREAS, the Hotel Arista's mission is to recognize that it is to explore all purchases to be environmentally and sustainably appropriate. It is understood that products that are purchased have environmental impacts, and that the Hotel Arista should make procurement decisions that embody the Hotel's ongoing commitment to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability
All Hotel Arista future procurement decisions will embody the hotel's ongoing commitment to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability and will follow Green Seal requirements, does notimpact the economic efficiency of the property or its AAA rating.

Hotel Arista Core Values

Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones
Hospitality is an art from the heart
Be accountable for personal excellence and team spirit
Each individual is valued for their uniqueness and personal preferences
Sustainable business for our community, planet, and resources
Tend to the details
Green initiatives are couched in experiential gestures and not as a "to do process"


Our mantra is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We recycle for our guests in the guest room as well as in the back of the house
Along with being sustainable, products are of equal or better quality
Recycling is a gift (and a luxury) we give ourselves and others

LEEDership Team

The steering committee is comprised of the key purchasing management: General Manager, CFO, Purchasing Manager and Housekeeping Director. The Housekeeping Director is the head of the committee. The committee meets to benchmark our green initiatives and develop stretch goals as well as to keep our purchasing on target.

purchasing targets to be considered when making present and future purchases

  • The life -cycle costs of buying environmentally responsible products
  • The eco-friendly practices of outsource services.
  • Information will be received and reviewed from all available sources, including manufacturer information and third-party certifications when purchasing new items and/or equipment for the Hotel Arista this will also include when replacing present items for new green items.
  • All products being considered for purchase will be tested to ensure that they are environmentally responsible and do not compromise the quality of service
  • Facial tissue with 10% post consumer or higher will be purchased
  • Toilet tissue with 20% post consumer or higher will be purchased
  • Napkins and paper towels with 40% post consumer or higher will be purchased
  • Hotel Arista purchases 30% of its produce as organic and locally grown produce. We look to increase the by 5% each year.
  • Hotel Arista purchases 20% of its meats and chicken that are raised free of hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and insecticides. We look to increase this by 5% each year.
  • Hotel Arista purchases 50% of its seafood, following the sustainability seafood calendar recommendations.
  • Purchase phosphate free and biodegradable cleaning materials where their use will not compromise quality of service and safety
  • Purchase equipment that can use main electricity. Where batteries are essential, ensure that low mercury and cadmium batteries or rechargeable batteries are purchased.
  • Purchase goods made from recycled and recyclable materials and if possible even biodegradable or compostable.
    • to go containers
    • garbage bags
    • office supplies
    • guest room supplies
      • notepads
      • pens
      • amenities
  • Purchase goods with minimal packaging that are made from recycled and recyclable materials or which can be reused.
  • Future light bulb purchases will be to convert the building over to LED, in line with the five year plan.
  • Purchases of copy paper with 30% post consumer or higher, purchases include but not limited to copy paper, envelopes, stationary, pre-printed materials
  • Purchases of pre-printed materials on coated paper with 10% post consumer of higher
  • Purchase biodegradable laundry detergent
  • purchase biodegradable dish machine products
  • Engineering chemicals will be researched for a green products where the use will not compromise equipment efficiency.
  • Bulk purchasing will be encouraged to minimize the amount of packaging and transport.
  • Whenever possible it will be encouraged to purchase durable products.
  • Will work with vendors to minimize packaging materials
The committee will review on a semi-annual basis for regular evaluation and modification, if necessary; the environmental purchasing policy will be update to help ensure maximum benefits.
The Team will review past purchases from departments to ensure that purchases are following the mission as well as to review better alternative products.
Our policy is open to the public upon request and will be kept with all green information. Any requests are directed to Micki Dobrowski.

Hotel Arista: Reference Vendors and Product

Date: Revised 1/2012


Hotel Arista gives preference to vendors, products and companies that are environmentally friendly and support our sustainability practices. All Departments / Individuals that purchase items follow the hotels sustainable mission and practices and discuss this with potential vendors. When meeting with potential vendors discussion is had on the obtaining all necessary information on the products.
Technical Concepts LLC Hand Soap for Che Figata public restrooms
Coca-Cola All soda for the property including the cast café
Shanes Office Supplies (green options)
American Hotel Register Company Hotel Supplies for Stage/Food & Bev/Kitchen
Darling International Grease Waste Disposal
Sysco Food Service Kitchen
Cintas Kitchen aprons and rags
U S Food Service Kitchen
Douwe Egberts Coffee for property (café)
Classic Snack Snack items/Kitchen
Cintas Uniforms
Voss Bottled Water
Hoffmaster Group, Inc Consumable paper good
Illinois Paper & Copier Co. Paper and Toner Recycling
Lather Bathroom Amenities
Lavazza Coffee for Banquets
The Chef's Garden Kitchen
Mikuni Wild Harvest Kitchen
Fortune Fish Seafood
Slagel Family Farm Kitchen - Meats
Artisan Specialty foods Kitchen
Testa Produce Kitchen - produce
Proctor and Gamble * Laundry Products
Gilchrist & Soames * Bathroom Amenities
Envirox * Paper products
USFI * Front Office and Guest room Products
K. Hoving * Waste and Recycling Removal (information in recycling section 3.1.1)
Minute Man Press * Printing
Service Forms and Graphics, Inc * Printing
* All of these vendors have their environmental information in the areas that specifically pertain to the product(s)
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